These page feature archaeology information and Images of pre-Columbian Maya art from the Museo Popol Vuh. The purpose of this section of the FLAAR Maya archaeology web sites is to draw attention to the museums of Guatemala to encourage more people to visit them.

To appreciate the genius of the Classic Maya artists and scribes, a visit to the Museo Popol Vuh is essential. Although 90% of the visitors to Guatemala visit Antigua or Chichicastenango, and perhaps 50% visit Tikal, too few reach the museums. The exhibits are well designed in a modern manner. The building is new and looks suitably impressive.The exhibits include a colorful display of animals in Maya art. In addition to pre-Columbian art, the museum has a really nice selection of Spanish colonial art.

Eleven dramatic photographs of pre-Columbian Maya art, with captions by Nicholas Hellmuth,
who has been doing archaeology research there for several decades.

Popol Vuh Pictures

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Museo Popol Vuh

Museo Popol Vuh

34. Museo Popol Vuh

12. Museo Popol Vuh

Museo Popol Vuh
Museo Popol Vuh

Museo Popol Vuh

Museo Popol Vuh

29. Museo Popol Vuh

Museo Popol Vuh

Museo Popol Vuh

Museo Popol Vuh

1. Perforator Paddler, one of the two Paddler Gods, Maya vase, Tikal area, Late Classic.

4. Closeup detail of a large Quiche urn, Highlands of Guatemala, Late Classic.

5. "Castillo Bowl," Tikal area, Late Classic, shows a remarkable scene of crazed dancers. One is cutting off his own head in a zealous frenzy; another is holding a sacrificed baby in a platter; another grasps an enema clyster. Other characters include animals, conceived to be an alter ego of the soul. Hieroglyphic inscription includes the emblem glyph of Tikal.
6. Effigy of a distorted face, Chama style and colors, Highlands, A.D. 700-800.
9. Bizarre image, ceramic, Highland Guatemala, Classic.
10. Front of a large Quiche burial urn, picturing a jaguar emerging from a monster.
12. Three blue quetzal-like birds perched on the lid of a ceramic container. Highlands.
17. Monumental stone head, Kaminaljuyu or thereabouts.
23. Close-up detail of a skull on the side of a Quiche urn.
29. Bowl pictured anthropomorphic jaguars, Tepeu 1, circa A.D. 650.

If you are curious, and would like to learn more about these ancient artifacts, FLAAR offers a variety of publications for sale at

You could also learn about ancient art directly from the artifacts as well as from Dr. Hellmuth, when he is working at the Museo Popul Vuh in Guatemala, or experience Maya archaeology in situ while participating at a FLAAR project.

Another opportunity is to invite Dr. Hellmuth to your hometown so that he can give a slide show to your local school, college, museum, or other group. These lectures are great for Humanities, Social Sciences, Visual arts, and other courses.


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