Anyone going to Antigua Guatemala definitely needs to visit the two museums inside the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. The Hotel Casa Santo Domingo offers a museum of Spanish colonial art as well as a museum of Classic Maya art.

Museum of Mayan art

During the next two months the FLAAR network of Maya web sites will be showing pictures of the polychrome Maya vases and Teotihuacan-Tiquisate art within this small museum of pre-Columbian art in Antigua, Guatemala. The FLAAR Photo Archive has done rollouts of all the Maya vases in this museum, so sample rollouts will be shown. We sent up an entire rollout photo studio inside the museum and photographed there for an entire week. The FLAAR Photo Archive is currently using a Sinar X 4x5 studio camera, courtesy of Sinar Bron. To achieve maximum quality we use Schneider lenses (courtesy of Schneider, Germany).

The museum of colonial art as well as the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo itself is presented on This 5-star hotel is considered the nicest hotel in Guatemala.
All the polychrome Maya vases in the new museum of Maya art in Antigua, Guatemala are now available in rollout photographs by Nicholas Hellmuth.

The FLAAR Photo Archive has been working for over three decades to preserve a photographic record of the pre-Columbian national patrimony of Guatemala. We have photographed considerable portions of the immense collection of the Museo Popol Vuh. Thus it is only natural that the FLAAR Photo Archive would wish to include the Maya vases in the new museum in Antigua, Guatemala.

Andrea and Nicholas spent eight days as guest of the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo over the Christmas holidays. During this time they photographed the hotel inside and outside as well as the Maya vases. All the vases were rolled out digitally. Samples will be presented over the next several months.This museum also includes a good selection of Teotihuacan-related art of Tiquisate.

The hotel itself is pictured on in the growing section on hotels of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and Mexico.

This museum is situated within the ruins of the Spanish colonial monestery of Santo Domingo.This entire Spanish colonial ruin has been excavated and partially restored as the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. The resulting hotel is now the largest and best hotel in Antigua.We recommend you visit the two museums in this hotel, the archaelogy museum and also the museum of Spanish colonial art. The museum of colonial art is pictured on

Both museums are open to the public. Admission is 10 quetzales, just over a dollar.

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