This portion of our Maya archaeology web site features QTVR Virtual Reality views of sculpture and artifacts in the Copan archaeology Museum.

COPAN Museum , Honduras


These are links to QuickTimeVR Objects. Every effort has been made to keep the files small so everyone can enjoy them. Best viewed in millions of colors.

Reproduction of these copyrighted photographs requires the prior written permission of IHAH, Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History.

These links will open new windows for the movies to download.

We hope you enjoy these sophisticated digital images. Out of the hundreds of web sites on the Maya, this FLAAR Photo Archive site is probably one of the few which has made the effort to send expeditions to Honduras just to do this professional class of photography. Our goal is to reveal to people worldwide that a visit to Honduras in general and to Copan Ruinas in particular is worthwhile.

All the photography here was done as a donation by FLAAR for the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History, IHAH. FLAAR has done photography for IHAH about every two to four years for the last two decades.

FLAAR has also photographed in Belize, and made those photographs available to the Department of Archaeology of Belize.

We photographed in Mexico and have provided photographs, for example, to the Calakmul Project.

The FLAAR photography team is fully equipped, experienced for years, and is able to survive most remote areas. If your field project would like circumferential rollouts, QTVR, panoramic views of the entire local area, or high resolution images of individual artifacts, contact us at

In the future we will offer services of 3D scanning, in-situ, but this is obviously equipment that is not easy to move around. But you can start now with regular digital photography and ask us to assist your project next year with 3D scanning. All our regular digital photography equipment, and lighting, is portable.


Skull from the 7th century A.D., FLAAR Photo Archive, photo by Dr. Hellmuth, courtesy of IHAH.


Skull Maya Archaeology



Pre-Hispanic Maya Art



Pre-Hispanic Maya Art


Carved Vase Maya. Vase with carvings.


Carved Vase Maya
Copador Style Vase
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Also here are some free reports related to Copan's flora and fauna.

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Page updated April 29, 1998, revised March 2, 1999.
Photography and text by Nicholas Hellmuth; QTVR by James L Robinson.


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