Flowers from Hermano Pedro Tree Arbol REVUE article FLAAR Nicholas Hellmuth Pericon Mayan medicinal plants REVUE article FLAAR Nicholas Hellmuth Smilax ethnobotanical interesting proporties REVUE article FLAAR Nicholas Hellmuth
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pepper, pipper spices, Nicholas Hellmuth, revue magazine, may 2012 Annona improve diet health maya REVUE article FLAAR Nicholas Hellmuth Eating an Inflorescence flowers mayan diet REVUE article FLAAR Nicholas Hellmuth
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Zapote, edible fruits of Guatemala, tzapotl in nahuatl, Manikara zapote or chicozapote. Belongs to t Leaf-cutting Ants Like Flowers, REVUE Magazine article black vultures in the mayan world nicholas hellmut revue magazine free report
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Cymbopetalum penduliflorum Muc Orejuela Sacred Animals and Exotic Tropical Plants, Stingless bees at Río Dulce Edible Fruits of the Mayan Diet, Chirimoya. Annonna squamosa, sugar apple, sweetstop
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Finding Virola guatemalensis 50 birds in mayan civilization Flowering of the National Tree
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Dragon Fruit the Nightmare Fragance Original Mayan Cotton, February 2012 The Niij Cochinilla December 2011
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nance tree fruit craboo medicinal uses deserts flavoring dye colorant tint textiles Guatemala Popol Vuh Revue Magazine November 2011 FLAAR Reports crocodiles caimans alligators images Mayan ethnobotanical art mythology Guatemala FLAAR Reports Revue Magazine October 2011 Monstera deliciosa Split leaf philodendron common beauty Guatemala Revue Magazine September 2011

Sacred turtles in Mayan art and iconography Revue Magazine Guatemala August 2011 The sacred red bean article for Revue Magazine July 2011 Article about the ancient maya and White tailed deer for Revue Magazine june 2011

Article of Flor de Mayo by Nicholas Hellmuth for Revue Magazine Macaws and Parrots in Mayan Art Revue Magazine April 2011 Ceiba pentandra sacred tree for Classic Maya Revue Magazine March 2011

Bufo marinus Sacred Toads in Mayan Culture Revue Magazine February 2011 Cacao vs. pataxte by Nicholas Hellmuth for Revue Magazine December 2010 Peccary or coche de monte Tayassu pecari and Tayassu tajacu Revue Magazine October 2010


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