This gateway page leads you to tips, reviews and recommendations for color as well as black-and-white laser printers for photographic quality reproduction including letter size, 11x17, European A3, and tabloid oversize. Color laser printers are described and tested as well. Links are provided to dye-sublimation and Fuji Pictography printers.

11 x 17 color laser printers

Hewlett Packard laser printers are well made and last forever. But when you need to print photographs, we found that Lexmark printers did a better job. We use the Lexmark Optra R, Optra N, and Optra 1275n (most have been replaced by newer model numbers by now; Lexmark printers last a long time and we are still using the ones we bought several years ago).

But these printers are now obsolete when compared with the newer generation of printers. At the left is the 1200 dpi output from the new Tally T8204 color laser printer which FLAAR just obtained. If you are interested solely in black-and-white monochrome laser printers, then you want GCC: check out reviews on If you wish specific information about the various options and solutions provided by GCC black-and-white printers, contact Bob Kinsella,800 942-3233, fax 800 442-2329,

If you need color laser printers, best place to see a wide range of choices is again, (the premier web site for laser printer information, a service of FLAAR).

To protect all this sophisticated digital imaging equipment it is essential to have an uninterruptable power supply. You need a UPS unit especially for your hard drives, RAID system, RIP server... but don't plug a laser printer into most UPS units, the surge at startup is too strong.

We have three APC UPS units under the table at the left (one is is on the floor peeking out under the blue EFI Fiery RIP server at the left).

Overall we have so much equipment that we use about seven UPS units from American Power Conversion.

Here is our office in Florida, showing the Encad wide format printer and the Lexmark color laser. Now, this year (2003) our offices have expanded to St Louis (MO), Essen (Germany), and Guatemala City (Central America). Our large format equipment is much better as well, a Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 2800CP (finer quality than Encad), and a Tally color laser (much much better than Lexmark).

If you have a coin collection or stamp collection, you can make wonderful printouts of your collection. How?

Just scan your coins, or scan your stamps, then print out the images. We now review this process for flatbed scanning of gold coins.

On another site, review of QMS tabloid sized 1200 dpi laser printer at up to 13 x 26 inch paper size. In the meantime, check it out at their QMS home page.

According to a brochure on QMS printers for Europe, now makes dye sub printers (at least for the European market). Check out our review of the quality of the dye sublimation process. Also look at

If you need to produce photographs in black-and-white be sure your laser printer offers true 1200 dpi (such as GCC).

Color fade test   WARNING, before you buy an Epson ink jet, be sure to read this list of potential problems: Epson 1520 and Epson 3000 may have severe disadvantages.

Black-and-whitelaser printer  | Weyerhaeuser paper for color printing


Gateway to reviews of best paper for color laser, B&W laser printer


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