Epson inkjet printers cannot hold up to production pressure; they require a RIP to do an adequate job, are slow and may be unreliable.

When we got ready to do desktop publishing in color we figured that since Epson ads showed such stunning color, and the printers were so cheap, that an Epson printer was the ideal solution. Buying the Epson inkjet printer was the worst digital printer mistake we made (and we made this mistake three times, each new model of Epson was just as bad as the previous one). Only a laser printer is sturdy enough to handle serious desktop publishing.

Now that you realize the potential of having your own affordable in-house color laser printer, where can you get one?

Nowadays there is no need to buy a laser printer from a home town dealer. You can get more help and information from a company that specializes in color laser printers such as QmaxDigital. QmaxDigital sells nationwide. They handle primarily desktop publishing flatbed scanners and color laser printers such as Panasonic, Hewlett-Packard, QMS, Tally, etc.

Be sure to buy a maintenance contract if you plan to do substantial printing.

Paper recommended for Lexmark Optra 1275n color laser printer

Now on line, an entire web site devoted to laser printing reviews. With all the attention to ink jet printers, laser printers have kind of been overlooked. But laser prints don't fade like ink jet prints and laser printers are faster, sturdier, and networkable.

Lexmarks printer Maya-archaeology


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