Museums of Mayan art and archaeology in Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, and Honduras serve a helpful public service by making ancient art and artifacts visible both to students, scholars, and visiting tourists. Tourists frankly bring the income that provides employment. Without tourist income, most local museums in Latin America would have to shut down.

But it is not always easy for museum directors, curators, and staff to keep up with the latest advances in digital technology. Thus FLAAR is developing a program to assist museums in Mesoamerica to take advantage of digital photography and to learn how to utilize large format inkjet printers to create better displays.

Stay tuned, since we are interviewing museum personnel to see which museum would be a good partner to assist with digital technology.

We are also working with botanical gardens and zoos, since ethno-botany and ethno-zoology are interests of ours. Coverage will also include museums of minerals, since jade, obsidian, iron pyrite.


First posted April May 4, 2006.


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